The Wonder Pills for Your Penis Size

When you try to surf the internet in search for pills for penis enlargement, you will find hundreds of different brands that promise the said effect. However, knowing which one is proven safe and effective is a difficult thing to do. Let us know first what these pills are.

Pills for the Size

Penis enlargement drugs cannot give you permanent outcomes. These penis pills were discovered to offer sexual pleasure. They work by increasing the blood flow to your sexual organ which results to a bigger and a harder erection. These may give you stronger orgasms and an enhanced libido.

However, for you to enjoy the permanent and long lasting effect (enlargement), you need to pair this with penis enlargement exercises and devices such as a penis stretcher.

How Do They Work

These pills are blended herbal supplements that work by increasing blood flow to your genital organ. An enhanced circulation and more blood in the genitals may result to stronger erections making your penis bigger.

Another benefit you can get from this is that it also enhances sex drive or libido. This is achieved by making the erection longer, thereby giving you and your partner satisfaction. Some producers of these drugs market their products as enhancement supplements for males rather than selling them as pills for penile enlargement.

What You Need to Know about the Pill

Always check for the ingredients. You don’t want to introduce substances in your body without knowing what they can cause you in the end. If they are not labeled with this information then the safety of the product is questionable.

Check for products endorsed by experts and has a good reputation in penis enlargement. Also, it is vital that you check on the label for certifications by the health authorities. It is practical and wise to check on the price. Treatment with enlargement pills may take 3 to 5 months. That is quite a long time. You may need more dough for this so better be prepared for this treatment option.

The Long Term Effect

If you want to have a permanent penis enlargement then you must follow routines and make use of penis devices. The use of the pills coupled with the use of devices and doing the simple exercises can give you the long term effect. There are recommendations on how to do the routines in the internet and in DVD’s in case they are not included with the pills.

Why Prefer the Pills?

There are other options you can take to achieve penis enlargement. However, taking these “natural”  pills make it safer that other aggressive measures such as a penile surgery. There can be more complications associated with this procedure.

Experts say that these pills are made up of natural substances such as proteins that improves the circulation or blood flow to the penis. However, they may cause you certain unwanted problems in the end. This suggests the need for a medical check-up so that complications may be avoided. Keep safe as you work on your goal.

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Research on Fertility: Why You May Have Low Sperm Count

There are a lot of factors that can cause men to have low sperm count and scientific studies are only scratching the surface as to why this occurs. Infertility can be a boon, but for men who want to become fathers or want to start a family, this can cause a lot of problems.

Researchers and scientists may know how the male reproductive system works but the verdict is still out there as to what directly causes it. To this effect, they are separate as either outside influences or genetic disorders that are carried over from either of your parent’s side. Here are a couple of studies that have developed over the years as to how low sperm count develops as well as how to best prevent it:

Testicular Dygensis

Researchers suggest that the reason why some men have small sperm counts is not directly because of outside influences, but also due to generational deterioration of sperm quality. This may sound like scary stuff, but apparently this is due to exposure to newer chemicals that the body is not accustomed to, thus becoming unexpected pollutants. According to researchers, the very nature of spermatogenesis is a window of opportunity where testicular development takes place; so incidentally, anything that happens during this period can definitely affect a baby’s future fertility as a man.

Biking Too Much

A recent study has come out that bicycling has been linked to impotence as well as low sperm count. The rationale is quite simple: the pressure from sitting too long on a bike’s seat can cause damage in blood vessels as well as veins that aid in making erections possible.

Mountain biking, although an enjoyable hobby can be twice as dangerous due to extensive shocks and sudden vibrations that you experience, sometimes depending on the terrains that you frequent.

Environmental Factors

Although man has adapted to his environment in order to survive, environmental factors can also cause a man to have low sperm count. In another interesting survey conducted between Swedish and Finnish sons who had immigrant parents, their risk of testicular cancer tended to yield mix results depending on what country they settled down in.

Current Research on Sexual Dysfunction: Keeping Sperm Count Up

There are a variety of surgical procedures and injectible medication that can aid in curing issues with sperm count as well as quality. But there are also a lot of natural procedures that you can do if you’re a little squeamish with surgery.

  • ICSI. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI is a procedure that basically injects a single sperm into the egg via in vitro fertilization, thus eliminating the need for problems during intercourse. Although some might claim that complications can happen, it has been developed to a well enough degree that such cases have little percentage of ever happening during the whole process.
  • Supplement Use. Supplements aren’t only used by weightlifters and bodybuilders; they can also help add up your sperm count by providing you with much needed protein at a much concentrated dose.
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Male Enhancements: What Works Best

Male enhancements are a curious subject for most men. It can go anywhere from the length, girth or even connectivity in the bedroom. Not only that: they also go through all the trouble of bothering you and rationalizing why their product works, and frankly they might even throw in someone in a lab coat to tell you that it works. Bad news, brother: Most of the stuff they peddle through the internet doesn’t work.

Steep Price and Limited Effectiveness

Perhaps one of the things that you should understand before considering on the many procedures of penile extension is whether or not it works. Because let’s face it, they are expensive and lack the general effectiveness that make them a bang for your buck. Even more so are the dangers involved.

The irony of the situation is that men will spent loads of their hard earned money rather than go to a real doctor (you know, real people with real degrees). The reason behind this is that while most of the stuff you see online doesn’t work, the talk is what sells the product. Real doctors will keep it real: there is no pill or supplement that will magically grow your manhood an inch in less than a week.

The price tags are also an enormous concern considering that most of these pills don’t work. But it works in a way that it feeds on people’s desperation. How desperate you ask? Well, just know that there are surgeries that inject fat cells into your penis to make it bigger in girth.

Rethinking Your Strategy

Buying pills off the internet may seem like a good idea, but there are a couple of alternatives you can do besides gambling with your life just do see your manhood grow by a couple of inches.

  • It’s all in your mind. According to a recent survey, only half of men feel that their penis is inadequate in size, while most women find no problem with their partner’s penis size. Incidentally, even men who have gone through surgery involving penile enlargement aren’t satisfied with their surgery. It’s a perception; talk to your partner and ask what she wants rather than staring at porn and set impossible heights.
  • Alternative Exercises. Although this might seem unbelievable, there are ways to not only extend your manhood’s size via a modified form of weight lifting or even the practice of tantra.
  • Watching your cholesterol. Although men naturally decline in sexual performance as the years pass, having problems during sex can become an early indicator for cardiovascular problems within your system. Doctor says that erectile dysfunction is a sign of a much more serious condition.

What makes these manhood related ads so popular is not what they actually give to you, but how they market their so called cures. If it’s completely risky, a possible health risk and not cleared by the FDA; chances are, it’s incredibly dangerous. Remember, visiting a doctor is the first and the last thing you should be doing when confronted with a problem.

Check this out for more information regarding male enhancement:

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How to Increase Your Size

There are several measures you can take in order to add a few inches on the size of your penis. You can go all-natural by following exercises that can tone and eventually enlarge the penile muscle or be more aggressive such as the use of pills and patches.

Exercises for Penis Enlargement

Natural enlargement through exercises is proven safe and effective. This involves the basics in doing exercise routines. Video tutorial and instructions are available in some medical websites. These are easy-to-do routines that can enhance your penile muscle tone thereby increasing the size of your penis. However, it will take several weeks to months before you can notice the improvement.


Devices such as a penis stretcher are gaining popularity today as one of the natural ways for penis enlargement. These come with various comfort improvements. You may find it easier wearing one compared to doing series of routines regularly. However, you must choose the device with the best quality to ensure your safety.

Pills for Penis Enlargement

This is a more aggressive way to achieve the size you want to own. There are claims that it is effective while some men disagree with this. However, with hundreds of different pills offering penis enlargement, you can choose the best and safest remedy to your problem. Remember, having a background check by reading articles and reviews about these penis enlarging pills is a must.

Some of these pills may affect the heart, kidneys and even the liver. Also, consult your doctor before trying out products. Some of these pills are not regulated well in the market. You may find them too affordable that buying packets of it is very easy. You don’t know what you will suffer of in the future.

The Patches

You may find it more convenient to get the desired outcome which is penis enlargement through the use of patches rather than taking pills. It is getting much popularity in less time. It may be because of its effectiveness and the ease you may find in using it.

There are just things you need to consider. You must know what side effects and contraindications there are in the use of this form of the drug. It pays to read more about this and ask the expert’s advice.

There are people who understand your concern. Medical experts aim to provide you measures both natural and more aggressive ones for penis enlargement. With hundreds of products and measures to enlarge the penis, you may be confused of what offers the best effects. You just have to sort out what is not effective and safe in your case from those that offer you both safety and effectiveness.

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Why You May Have Low Sperm Count

Infertility is an unpleasant surprise for men. Not only can it be a bad sign for men who want to become fathers, but it can be blow to you a man. Truth be told, there are a lot of factors that can ultimately contribute to infertility. Some are completely avoidable and may need lifestyle changes, but some have a more deep seated or serious cause that can be managed with time.

Here are a couple of known factors that have been known to add up to why men have low sperm count:

  • Age. Although age can definitely leave a number on your body despite how fit you are, researchers still haven’t narrowed down its true cause.  Recent research have cited that age may definitely affect sperm count but they are still considering other bodily process that could directly and indirectly affect it.
  • Substance Abuse. Drugs are perhaps one of the more obvious causes of low sperm count or even infertility. Depending on how frequent or what kind of drugs that you take, it can either temporarily reduce number and quality of your sperm cells or permanently impair the sperm’s ability to penetrate the female egg.
  • Genetic Factors. If your parents or grandparents have history of testicular cancer or any form of sexual dysfunctions, then it can become an obvious factor that can ultimately contribute to low sperm count. Cystic fibrosis is such a genetic disorder that can leave you with an obstructed or vas deferens, which is essentially a tube that aids in carrying sperm.
  • Exposure to Dangerous Chemicals. This is definitely a no-brainer. Arsenic, cadium elements are dangerous – especially if they are ingested. Even trace amounts of these metals on your semen can impair their performance as well as cause malfunctions in their enzyme functions. Radiation is also another dangerous form of exposure that will not only impair your sperm count, but ultimately lead to cancerous effects.Radiation damages cells exposed to high amounts of it and it can take up to two years for your reproductive processes to undo the damage done by radiation exposure.

Keeping Your Sperm Count Up

Although there are a lot of foreseeable factors that can cause low sperm count, there are a lot of surgical practices as well as healthy alternatives to keeping your sperm count up. Here are just some of the many ways you can do so:

  • Eating Healthy. Eating veggies and laying-off the junk food clears up your system off anything harmful. Keeping your cholesterol keeps your cardiovascular health vibrant, thus maintaining your sperm count.
  • Staying Away from Cigarettes. Not only are these things harmful to your lungs but they can directly affect the quality of your sperm production because they deplete your system of vitamin C, another important element that keeps your sperm robust in ready for fertilization.
  • Overheating. Spending too much time on bike rides or sitting on hot benches or even just settling a laptop on your lap for a period of time can actually contribute to the reasons why you have such a low sperm count. The higher temperature, the more likely the sperm will be damaged!
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Going Beyond Male Enhancements

You’ve seen it stuffed in your emails; people claiming to know the cure-all to a larger manhood, people who will tell you that a single pill can make you feel like a ravaging tiger in the bed room. Pay them no mind, we’re here for science.

When it comes to male enhancements, there had been numerous if not hilarious attempts at enlarging one’s manhood. You’ve heard pumps, pills, supposed exercise routines and drinking an unspecified elixir, all in the name of wider girth and a longer length. but does it really matter?

Inadequacy and Fantasy

Inadequacy and fantasy are two important terms that one should consider when it comes to their…well, junk. What most people don’t understand is that inadequacy is only a perception, not a reality. You can fantasize what the experience of having sex will feel like with an extended manhood or a pill that can make you run like a race horse, but that way of thinking is unrealistic. Even if you have the increased size or the stamina, those are not guarantees to a better sex life.

The British Journal of Urology had a case to prove this point. This 60 or so year-old case dished out that most women (by most, we mean 85%) were satisfied by their partner’s penis size yet it also revealed that only half of men were satisfied with theirs. This leads to the idea that inadequacy of size rings true only at a psychological level for most cases.

But don’t take that’s survey’s word for it; there’s another survey conducted back in 2001 by BMC Women’s Health that suggest that women are more pleasured by the girth, not the length of the penis. So if you want a long one, you’re getting it wrong.

Another thing that makes general satisfaction during sex difficult is of course, the fantasy involved in love making. Pornography, believe it or not, makes the expectations for sex seem unreal. Porn can be a good conduit for creativity in the bedroom, but it is not an expectation of it. If you think that your sex life should be as wild as a porno, you’re not gonna be enjoying the experience when it does happen.

Dangerous Game

The internet is ripe with a lot of scammer that prey on those who look at their penises with shame. And it can get ridiculous in terms of treatment, sometimes devices that specialize on pulling it would pop up.

Phalloplasty is a type of surgery that takes the game to a whole new and often dangerous game. Although there has been some supposed backing to its effectiveness, here’s how it works: this process involves administering painkillers and other specialized drugs to supposedly increase your penis size. Unfortunately, complications can occur.

Even most MDs discourage taking such steps to increase your member’s size. There are just too many risks involved in order to outweigh the cons with the pros. There are many natural means to successfully achieve better sexual performance; so take consideration when going through certain procedures.

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